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This nonsense

STUFF to-do list:
1. Roulette City
2. Pokemon Crossing
3. my binder of characters
4. Storylines
5. holler holler get doller

It's always so HOT in Texas...
But today it rained...
We Cobras LIKE it WET.

we went to the white sand
we caughted a lizard and
we named him shithead
he liked to play dead
we poured water on him and he liiiiked it
then we all let him gooo sit
and then he grew 100 feet
and destroyed the city

icon reference





renxiang by summermon
wow. it's been QUITE awhile since I did a proper drawing of Ren. I needed some stress relief, so here's another! Hope you enjoy C: 

Halloween Academy - Renxiang by summermon
here's the first drawing I ever did of her. precious dragon bb <3 
witchsona by summermon
I honestly can't believe I forgot to upload this. what is wrong with me. why am I spacing SO HARD lately. 

This is my witchsona, the Colorful witch! her familiars are those little colorful dudes, aptly named "Blinks." They have to be summoned, usually, but sometimes... sometimes the spell gets out of hand. 
(I've been using Blinks for projects in college too I honestly can't believe that teachers like them BUT THEY DO SO??? )  

also her hair, eyes, hat, accessories and otherwise change color at her will, but at the moment... well, she doesn't quite have it together, so her colors reflect this. 
K1m1 by summermon
Taking a break between working on my animation project to draw a super saturated K1m1! It's been for e ver. poor bb. 

but yeah testing out new brushes and stuff, just a quick like 10-20 minute doodle. 
black opal fusion by summermon
black opal fusion
Black Opal, the fusion between my friends and my gemsonas Emerald, Amethyst, and Aquamarine. 

80s glam rock garbage Black Opal is a very large and in-charge gem fusion with a passion for murderous jazzercise. The rage and stubbornness of Emerald and Amethyst are balanced out by Aquamarine's mediating abilities, making Black Opal a very stable fusion. Despite this fact, she has a tendency to rampage if properly angered, causing a lot of damage in a ridiculous musical montage. Also, she can't ever decide on what weapon she wants to use, so she constantly recreates new ones from the three base weapons belonging to the individual gems. 
pacific opal fusion by summermon
pacific opal fusion
Pacific Opal, fusion of Aquamarine and Emerald. 

Pacific Opal is the most level-headed of our two-gem fusions, best for taking time to get things done but not necessarily specific tasks. She dances around often, twirling her spiked cannonball like a delicate ribbon as she sings, much to the annoyance of Amethyst. She likes sparkles. 


Journal Entry: Wed Mar 11, 2015, 12:27 AM


1. You must post these rules. 
2. Answer the ten questions the person who tagged you made and make up your own ten questions for the people you tag to answer. 
3. Choose ten people and put their icons on this journal. 
4. You have to legitimately tag people. 
5. No tag backs. [TOO BAD]
6. You can't say, "no tags". 
7. Everyone that has been tagged must make a journal entry. 
8. Tag me anyway so I can see your answers!! 

tagged by :icontheseweirdfishes:  ! o: how many of these will I have to do before I get sick of them? THERE IS NOT A LIMIT 


~questions fo me~ 

1- Do you have a song or quote in your head right now and what is it? 

Well I have this one particular quote which two teachers and an essay each introduced to me last week that helped me through a horrid bout of anxiety, and that quote is something along the lines of "don't try to make order out of the chaos" so I've been thinking it a lot lately 

also the song Fxxk Boys Get Money by FEMM 

2- Something you'd love to see more in art or designs?

I mean I'd always love to see more representation for different weights in art/designs for stuff, particularly in fashion-related things so I know how my body type would look in stuff, but to be honest I'd LOVE to see more otherworldly creatures and concepts in shows a lot too. Like more cool demons and hybrids instead of just animals and people. 

3- One thing you'd love to be able to do / learning how to do?

Freerunning! I'd love to learn how to do that because it looks fun and also it'd be a great way to keep in shape if I ever end up being in shape at all ever 

also I just really want to learn how to sew so I can make cosplays

4- Favourite game, book/comic, show, or movie?

Game- probably Pokemon or Animal Crossing. I've played New Leaf nearly every day that I've owned it since I bought it on the release date. 

Book/Comic- Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun! 

Show- Steven Universe, no question 

Movie- Star Trek (2009), Guardians of the Galaxy, or Kung Pow? 

5- Most memorable moment in anything for you? [Game, your life, book, movie, what-have-you.]

There are a lot but one of the funniest was when I was at Yellowstone National Park and this raven took a large bag of twizzlers right out of this child's hands and flew across the parking lot before dropping them

6- What's one thing/object that has sentimental value to you?

My Jigglypuff pillow, I think. I've had it since I was very little and it was the main thing I HAD to bring to college, no exception. Because 1, it's Pokemon and 2. it reminds me of my childhood which was very happy and full of Pokemon?

7- If you have any characters, which have you had for the longest?

Oh god. Well, I've had these characters named Kaoru, Natsuki, and Ito since about 7th grade when my friend and I made an anime of our own (the start of my weeb phase absolutely) but the most well known would be Daito, who I created initially as a Death Note oc in 9th grade, around 2008/09. I feel old.

8- 5 things you love?

Pokemon, making art, animals, family/friends, and chips. oh my god, chips. 

9- What is something you like about yourself?

I really like my personality! it has changed over time but apparently people find me very happy and nice to be around, and I can cheer them up even when they're upset. I used to be very shy and I wouldn't do anything for fear of judgement, but now I'll dance everywhere and serenade friends in public and I'm just generally very happy with myself finally. 

10- What's a dream you remember? If you remember any! 

There was the video game clusterfuck where I was traveling with a jigglypuff and a wigglytuff and we had to run through a tunnel from Sonic Adventure to avoid bad guys, we snuck past Snorlax, avoided an 18-wheeler, Tiny Kong won us an award, wigglytuff fucking feLL DOWN INTO A PIT OF DOOM, we crossed a river and on christmas wigglytuff came back 

then there was the one where my crush apparently ate his own mother that one was weird 

recently i got to bang Jude Law in a dream, and last night I was apparently dating the guy who plays Quicksilver in the new Avengers movie? 

I have a lot of very vivid dreams 


My questions for you! 

1. Pick one or two songs that described your day today! 
2. If you could be any mythical creature, what would you be and why? 
3. If there was a zombie apocalypse, do you think you would survive, and if so, how? Be honest. 
4. Who do you think would win in a fight between the Shark mafia and an Octopus gang? 
5. The last animal you saw, either IRL or online, is your familiar. How do you feel about this? 
6. Who is your favorite superhero, and would you want to be them? 
7. What do you think cats are thinking when they just stare at you forever? 
8. What is the longest word you know? TRY TO SPELL IT BEFORE LOOKING IT UP! Then put the correct spelling afterwards. 
9. Which iteration of Link from Legend of Zelda is your favorite? Why? (even if you don't play the games, look up the designs!)
10. Bees? 


I'm tagging~ 


Who is even active on here anymore?? IF YOU READ THIS THEN DO IT 


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